Our Services

Our Services

Service First is proud to be a distributor for Trane HVAC products, systems and services and is committed to offering sustainable solutions to help building owners decrease energy usage and reduce their environmental footprint.

Trane Products and Systems

Trane is continuously looking for ways to improve on all their product lines to increase efficiency and performance for light commercial, residential and large applied solutions. They have an extensive range of products to meet any building requirement:


Commercial Residential
  • Air cooled and Water-cooled Chillers
  • Heat Pumps
  • Multi Pipe Units
  • Condensing Units
  • Packaged rooftops
  • Fan Coil Units
  • Air Handling Units
  • Midwall Splits
  • Cassettes
  • Ducted
  • Spine Fin
  • Odyssey
  • Hyperion
  • TVR
  • Rooftops
Trane Building Automation

Building Automation is no longer just about controlling the cooling or heating, it’s about evaluating data and using technolgy to create a high performing building.

Trane’s innovation in controls technology is providing customers with a platform to manage their buildings more efficiently which ultimately reduces costs, increases indoor comfort and reduces the impact on the environment. 

Our controls support an open standrad which means that you can intergrate with existing equipment, regardless of the HVAC brand. They can easily expand into other buidling systems and addtional structures

Trane buidling automation products include:

  • Enterprise Management Controls – Tracer Ensemble
  • Building Management Controls – Tracer SC Tracer Concierge, Air-fi Wireless
  • HVAC Equipment Controls
  • Thermostats
  • Sensors
Trane Repairs, Maintenance and Energy Saving Services

Service First understands that equipment breakdowns can have disastrous consequences for our customer’s business, not only from a financial point, but interruptions in manufacturing or processes and discomfort for tenants or employees.

We have developed teams of qualified HVAC Technicians that have the knowldege and the experience to offer technical support to new and existing equipment in South Africa and up into Africa. In addition, our three-year apprenticeship program ensures that we continually have the skills and capabilties to fulfill our customer requirements as a HVAC solutions company.

Below is our range of services to keep your Trane equipment running at optimal conditions as well as energy efficiency increasing products.


Customised Maintenance Contracts

Improve your cost of ownership by keeping your system operating at optimal efficiency with Trane approved maintenance programs. Regular maintenance will optimize the life span of your equipment and reduce operating costs.


Trane Approved Parts for Replacement or Repairs

Whether you are looking for compressors, HVAC Accessories, Oils, tools or test equipment, Service First has access to Trane’s comprehensive parts inventory. The offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban keep an extensive range of Trane parts in stock to assist with emergency repairs.

Oil Analysis

Measures the amount of moisture, acidity and metal concentration to maintain your compressor’s reliability, efficiency levels and reduce operating costs.


Vibration Analysis

To identify vibration in the rotating components of your compressor to prevent future complications that can cause downtime and increase operating costs.

Thermal Imaging

Identifies potential mechanical and electrical problems by measuring the thermal energy emitted from your HVAC equipment to keep your plant running safely and efficiently.

Compressor Renewal

Service First in Johannesburg is an approved Trane rebuild center for reciprocating, screw and centrifugal compressors. By restoring your compressors performance, we can increase your equipment’s operating efficiency and reduce energy usage.


Energy efficiency increasing Trane products

Adiabatic Cooling

Improve the performance and reduce the power consumption of your air-cooled HVAC equipment, with a specially designed system that lowers the air temperature before it reaches the condenser coil.

Automatic Tube Cleaning

A unique hydro mechanical cleaning system that continually keeps your heat exchanger free from fouling so there is no need for periodic shutdown for chemical cleaning. The system keeps operating capacity and efficiency at peak levels which reduces overall energy consumption.

Variable Frequency Drive Retrofit

VFD’S maximize your chillers efficiency and reduce energy consumption by adapting the motor speed to the chillers operating load.

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